Saturday, September 21, 2013

DIY - Re-Usable Sandwich Bags

I finished my re-usable sandwich bags yesterday.   They were quick to do.    My advice to you , if you make some.  Rather than make one, make in multiples of 4.     Why I say that is because nylon comes in 60"+ wide fabric, and if you cut a strip, it will easily make 4 sandwich size bags.   I did not use any specific pattern, I just made one based on the size of our Smart Bread bread.  

I'm writing down the measurements and brief instructions so when I go to make more, I have the measurements documented somewhere where I can find them.

  • Outer nylon strip 7.25 and inner lightweight polyester strip is 7" x Width of fabric. *
  • Using a quarter of an inch seam, I sew both sides of lining to both sides of nylon fabric on the long side.   
  • Turn right side out to make a long tube. Press with a warm iron (not hot, because nylon will melt).  The outer nylon will show slightly on the inside.
  • Depending on the size of the bags you want to make, cut tube in sections.  I cut my 60" tube into 4 sections for sandwich bags.    
  • Fold under the ends twice, lightly press, pin (or use your wonder clips :)  then stitch these hems down.  Add both sides of the velcro and a cute patch.    All this has been flat until now.  
  • Then when all this is done, fold up the bottom and top stitch sides together.  Use your regular bread as a guide as to how much to fold up.  

Note I made my outer nylon a bit wider so that when I sewed the final top stitching, the light lining doesn't show through.

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