Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What did you buy with your Fabricville 50% off coupon?

I went for my weekly visit to Fabricville with an extra spring in my step.   I got a 50% coupon yesterday by email from them.  Yippee.  What would I buy?  

I considered fabric, but then walked through the notions department and saw these new Wonder Clips by Clover.  With the amount of binding that I do, I could use them!!

I like that the clips come in a perfectly sized plastic box for storage.   It's great deal for half price!!   Thanks Fabricville.    

Now, I have to find something to bind.


Linda H said...

We missed you at FQG meeting last night!??
I didn't get a coupon.. wonder if it's on their website..?

momto1 said...

I tried to leave a comment on your apple core quilt post about how I wanted to see it when it's finished but my phone did not cooperate - maybe you could show us how well these clips work as you bind that one??? >>HINT<<

I have never been a fan of the apple core pattern, but I really like everything about the photos you showed - the layout, the fabrics, the size of the pieces. Looks like a great quilt, and I hope you show it to us when it's finished.