Monday, September 16, 2013

A Small Halloween Table Mat.

I saw this little table mat tutorial and I thought it was adorable.    

If you look closely, you can see that these are square blocks made up of wonky 4-patches.   The tutorial, which is here, shows how to make these using a special ruler.  I didn't have the ruler, so I just winged it with my straight ruler and cutting mat.   I did get confused with the blocks because I was not following the tutorial as closely as I should have been.    

But mistakes and all, it got finished.  PS..You will only see the mistakes if you look for them.  (I spot five).  

I machine quilted a spider web design using orange thread. 

It was a quick finish.  Cute, eh!  



Sally Hurley said...

Very cute!

Donna Peters said...

how fun, Gail. I love the wonkiness... if that is a word!

Lee said...

How can wonky have mistakes?! let it go...

Kathy said...

Oh Gail , I can't find the mistakes so they won't be found by others! I'm with Lee.