Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What was I thinking?

This is a blooming 9-patch.

A couple of years ago, I took a class with Cecile G. of our Cotton Mill quilt guild.     I really wanted to do the class and I loved the concept of the radiating colors.   I remember that I was stressed about not having my fabrics picked out for this class.    When I actually got down to picking fabrics for this class, I recall I was down to my last 10 minutes at Mardens.    I went to the section where they had the fabric collections.   Well I was so so on the colors, but with the collection, I can't go wrong, right?    I took the class with my 'collection' fabrics.  I was telling myself.. "just make the quilt, you'll like it better when it's done".    Well, the quilt top is done, but I can't say that I like it.... at all.  

Now, I'm wondering, do I invest in finishing it, or just give it up now!    Have you ever put hours and hours into making a quilt top, and then asked yourself, "What was I thinking?"


Kathy said...

Gail, it may not be "our" choice of colours, but it the quilt sure demonstrates the radiating of colours from the centre to the outside. I love the light to dark emphasis.
It would make a lovely giveaway quilt. My vote...finish it!

Sally Hurley said...

When I first saw it, I thought it was a braided rug, in which the colors aren't bad at all (I have some fond memories of an old brown and orange rug from Cape Cod). You may not like it, but I am positive someone would.

Lee said...

Jeannie Kaye will take that in a second for Community Projects! Is it twin size?

Anonymous said...

Gail, it is bright and colourful. Perfect for the Veterans at the DVA (hint, hint!). Finish the top and give it to me!

Just a suggestions!

Jeanne Kaye

Linda H said...

I agree with the others- you may not care for it, but someone would. Great for a charity quilt, or for JK for the DVA. The perfect answer!

Anonymous said...

It is so beautiful, you did a great job and worked so hard on it, you must complete it!

Sandra said...

Gail, you do such beautiful work. There are many groups that would love to take the quilt top from you.
If you need help finding a home for it, the quilting group of the CWL in Florenceville would be proud to quilt it and find it a home!