Thursday, September 5, 2013

Make your own Kimono Slippers

Its sure feels like fall in the air.  I saw this little tutorial for kimono slippers this summer and thought they would be cute to make and keep in my purse. Well, with the cooler weather this week and because  I had a bit of time, I thought I'd make up a "practice" or prototype pair to see if I could follow the tutorial.    And here they are.  I just think they are sweet.   This is not a beginner project.   But if you follow the steps one by one, you'll get through it fine.

I know now that I would add a little padding in between the bottom layers. There is a perfect opportunity to slip in some padding before you sew up the very last seam.   And I also know that the warm and natural batting that I used for the quilting top of the slipper was just a perfect weight for me.  And my next pair will have the grippy non-slip stuff on the very bottom of the slipper.

I plan to make another pair or two.    Do you want to make your own, go here for the free tutorial and pattern.

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Colleen G said...

Gail, you're taking all the guess work out of it for us. Thank you, they are very cute and they certainly aren't my nana's knitted slippers. (I still have too many of those.)