Friday, April 18, 2014

Don't Mess With My Hair!!

My daughter is a hair salon owner in Saint John.  Every year she goes to a conference in Halifax to learn about new things.   This time, she came back all full of energy with a new tip for keeping your hair do.   It's sleeping on a satin pillow.    Ha, I thought to myself.   My mother used to do that many many years ago.   In fact I could write many blogs about hair things my mother did.   In the 60's, she had many wigs.  Then after the wig thing passed, she wore a pink foam wrap around her head at night... all to protect her weekly hairdo.  And I remember she had satiny pillow cases.  She swore by them.   

Well, back to the pillowcase.   Today I made a prototype satin pillowcase for my daughter.  I think she is going to try to make some to have available for her customers to purchase.    See, this hair guru in Halifax said when you sleep on pillow in a cotton pillow case, the cotton grabs the ends of the hair and moves them out of place.     You know.... Bedhead!!

This is a simple pillowcase and the starting dimensions of the piece of fabric that I used was 44" x 36".    I folded in half with wrong sides together and stitched one short end and one long end.  Then trimmed the seam and turned the other way out and enclosed the seam with another seam.  (French Seam).  With a 3" cuff, folded under twice, stitched 5/8" along the edge to make a flange.   This yields a finished pillow case of about 21" x 30".  It will have no raw edges exposed and will fit a standard pillow.

I got thinking that this might be nice to make for a senior in a home who still gets their hair done once a week...

Me....As most of you know, my hair is so short, that I don't worry about preserving my DO.


Colleen Gander said...

Ah, you forgot about the special tape to keep the straight ends of a short do close to the head or a little curl by her ear. I just tossed the bags of permanent wave curlers. But what a good idea for the nursing home! My mom does get her hair done weekly and perhaps the satin case might help keep her stylish a little longer.

Donna Peters said...

Bahhaaaa… I remember that pink thing that wrapped around her head.. bahhaaa. But, you know, it made sense, and once we saw her in it once, it was normal. I remember the satin pillow, and then mom went all out and bought satin sheets.. and after the first night she tossed them, cause they kept slipping off of her and dad in the night. What a blast… Great idea for Pare to have in the shop… and nice memory of mom too, thanks sis!