Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm home!!

Well, we've been home for a couple of days.   Its taken a few days to get back into a routine.  Mondays help... It's a great day to head into the sewing room.   It's raining out.  And I always look at a rainy day as a great sewing day.   And the bonus is that I know it will take down some of the snow that was here to greet us when we got home.

While I was away, I covered my sewing machines with heavy towels since I don't have sewing machine covers.  After removing the towels, I plugged in the machines, and now everything is ready for me to sew!!!

(PS... I really need to do some spring de-cluttering in my sewing room.  Pictures don't lie, do they?)

What was easy for me today, was to cut out the fabrics I need for the April installment of the A to Z for Ewe and Me.   I've printed out the instructions, reviewed the online chat room for any gotcha's... and spent some quiet time in my room.   I've now cut the fabrics for both the E and the J blocks.   So cute... 

The E block fabrics.  My darker blue is actually quite purple.

The J block fabrics.  Ahh, do you see the Ewe!!      So cute!

I may sew later today or... I may not... but it sure feels good to be back.



Anonymous said...

Glad your life is getting back to normal. Good to see you are able to find sewing sewing time. Aren't rainy days great! Nothing like having any excuse to stay indoors and sew. And seeing the dirty snow melting away is appreciated too.

Karen said...

Welcome home, Gail! Won't it be great to uncover those machines and see your trusty friends again, just waiting to spring into action. I bet they will be stitching soon!

Kathy said...

My plan was to sew this afternoon, but it is sunny! So...I cleared the foot of snow from our deck, now I am in need of a rest!