Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

What a nice day.  Everyone in our neighbourhood is having big Easter dinners.  There are cars everywhere in our little court.   Our family is no different.   

Aurora got here a little earlier than the others.  It's a good thing because I needed her help to turn these cupcakes into little Easter chicks.  I had all the ingredients already. I even made a sample chick so she could have one to look at while she was working.

We had white icing, yellow big sugar, chocolate chips, orange icing, and light yellow icing, and of course cooked cupcakes.  

She dipped the iced cupcakes into the big yellow sugar.  Then added chocolate chips for the eyes, added the little wings, and finally added the beek and little chicken feet.  

She did a great job and all the kids told her what a nice job she did making the chicks.   And I know they had to be delicious because all two dozen cupcakes are GONE!!  

Happy Easter Everyone!


Linda H said...

How cute! Aurora did a great job!! She sure is growing up fast!

Donna Peters said...

so adorable. what a fun day!

Lee said...

Cute, cute, cute! You can FEEL the concentration.