Thursday, April 17, 2014

UFO's - They are a Good Thing

St. Anthony's Quilters had started to fizzle out.  After a few years, there were only three quilters left.  And one of them was me.    When I went away this past winter, I left a small quilt top with them to quilt over the winter, and I thought, that's it, they probably won't continue after it's done.    
But over the winter, it seems that new energy has been found and they emailed me to say that now they have 8 quilters and want to put another quilt on the frame.  It made me so happy.     
I told them I'd have a top ready after Easter for them, and to save the date to put it on the frame.  

Well, that's where UFO's come in really handy.   I had the nine big blocks done on this Burgoyne Surrounded quilt and the sashing was cut out.  All tucked away.    It didn't take much effort to sash the nine blocks, assemble and put two simple borders.    It's now a great 70" x 70" quilt for these quilters to work on over the next few months.    
Squint your eyes to see the great effect.  

Next Tuesday, this quilt will go on the frame, and I can't wait until Wednesday to see who these 8 gals are.   

UFO's.  They are a good thing.



Anonymous said...

That is a very nice quilt Gail. I had never seen this one before. It is no wonder the number of quilters has increased. The group know you always come up with great quilts. And you never disappoint. Beautiful work as usual. Lucy

Lee said...

Cool! When I first was interested in seeing people hand quilt, this was the group I dropped in to visit.