Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

My friend's small dog "Peanut" is turning one today.  We are going to their house to watch fireworks over the river this evening.  So I decided to make some happy birthday dog treats for little Peanut.  

It's hot out here today so I only cooked one cookie sheet full.   I saved the rest of the dough and will make them when the kiddos come for a visit next week.  They can take them home to their dogs.

These are very small cookies.  I looked all over my kitchen for a small round cookie cutter.   I ended up using the larger end of a large cake decorating tip.  Then put little paw prints on the cookies.   So cute, don't you think?

I like this recipe because the treats don't puff up and you can still see the paw print decoration after they are baked...

I've packaged them up in a cellophane bag with a little red bow for her Canada Day Birthday.    I hope little "Peanut" likes them.

Happy Canada Day to you all!

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Anonymous said...

You think if everything Gail. What a thoughtful friend you are. I am certain Peanut will love them. Happy Canada Day!