Tuesday, July 8, 2014

No Power - Still Knitting!

We are into Day 4 of no power.   Many people have their power back and we are glad for them.  Friends who live handy got their power yesterday, so they invited us for supper.  So nice.   And the other good news is that most stores have power now, and are open normal hours.   Gas is readily available now, but ice and propane are still a in demand.  Lineups are long.  

We are out of propane.  For supper tonight, we are having a cold plate.  Simple...

Yesterday, I finished knitting another 10 rows of my Christmas in July project.  Each nosegay (with the bobbles) has 10 rows to complete the pattern.  So for me it's a good goal.   Will work on 10 more this afternoon.

 Do you see my cute stitch markers.  I use them to separate the rows of the cables etc.    In this project, there is a total of 85 rows and I now have 50 done.   I've been doing 10 rows a day. It's very complicated and slow going.   But I like it because it's a distraction.     

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Churn Dash said...

I love, love, love this knitting.

When I lived in England I made a couple of Aran sweaters. I have hunted and hunted for my patterns but I can't find them.

I hope you get power soon. Isabel hit our city hard, some areas were three weeks without power. I remember seeing power trucks from Florida arriving in convoy. It was one of the best sights ever.