Thursday, July 10, 2014

No Power - Get Sewing (somehow)

Power or No Power, I need to find ways to do final preparations for Grammie Camp, which is scheduled for next week.   I still have a few hours of sewing to do, and baking of cinnamon bread and cookies etc, for snacks.

Most places around us have power.  I hope we will get ours back today. I thought that yesterday, but I can't wait any more.

My plan for the morning is to take my sewing machine out to a friends house to sew.   Before I go, I'll prepare a cinnamon bread to bake while I sew.    If I get those two things done this morning, I'll feel like I'm making progress.

Meanwhile, my Christmas in July knitting project is coming along.  I now have 6 of the nosegay pattern repeats done and moving on to the next stage of this project.  No more bobbles to knit..yippee.  I'm now into the second skein of yarn, and the next part of the pattern will see this project take on a new shape.  
I'll show you when I'm done... probably after Grammie Camp.

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