Monday, July 7, 2014

Tropical Storm Arthur came out of nowhere.

It seems like forever that we've had no power thanks to tropical storm Arthur.  But it's only been 48 hours.  We may get it back later today or tomorrow.   We realize how dependent on electricity we are and we are truly thankful for all the power crews working so hard to get things going again.    We are making do and are lucky to have a small generator to keep the fridge and freezer going.

A tree along my favorite walking trail.  Note the wire on the
left hand side.  

A candlelight dinner.  BBQ Chicken

Can't sew, but I can knit without power.
This is my Christmas in July project.
Stay tuned.  It might be done sooner than I thought.

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Sally Hurley said...

I hope you get your power back soon!