Saturday, August 22, 2015

Harvesting Our Garlic

We have been harvesting rhubarb, lettuce, green and yellow beans for a month or more now from our little garden.

This morning, we decided it was time to harvest our garlic.   It was the the first time for us.  We planted it in October last year as we put our garden to bed for the winter.  Since early in the spring, we have been watching it grow ever since the snow left us.   The sprouts came up through about the same time as the tulips came up.   In mid July, on the 3 foot skinny stalks, it was exciting to see the garlic scapes emerge and eventually curl. That is a sign that all is good and the plan is maturing.    We cut them off and made a soup.  

The stalks had started to dry from the top, and this is an indication that the bulb growing is done and they can be picked anytime.  This morning, I was a little surprised to see that there's a purple tinge to the outer skin of the bulbs.   I expect that will go away when the garlic start to dry.  

I will save one to plant again this fall, and we will enjoy the others in some garlicky recipes soon.  


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Donna Peters said...

How cool. I have never grown garlic. Maybe I will try it this fall in my back yard garden.