Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Sewing Room at The Ville

I've been working on a fun project this summer.   The old Alexander Gibson Memorial School in Marysville was de-commissioned a couple of years ago.   "What would they do with the school" was on everyone's mind.  Well, an enterprising team bought the building this spring and has been working hard since the spring to turn the old school into a community cooperative.     The name of the building is now The Ville.

There is one classroom on the second floor that lends itself to be a great sewing/quilting workshop room.   The room is bright, there are lots of outlets at table height for the sewing machines.     I've worked with the team this summer to make this a comfortable room to hold sewing workshops.  They painted, gathered and made tables from the surplus in the basement.  I am quite impressed with their enthusiasm, excitement and energy.   It's contagious.      

At the grand opening of the Ville, there were lots of non-sewer visitors to the Sewing Room.  They all want to learn to sew. I can tell that beginner classes will be in high demand at first.    

Gail with Caitlin and Grace.  
Included in the visitors to The Sewing Room last week, was Lori, the reporter from the Daily Gleaner.  While Lori was in the room,  my two grand-daughters just happen to come in with all the usual squeals, 'Grammie, I saw this, I saw that".    Lori, the newspaper reporter snapped this picture of me with the girls and wrote a nice little piece about the sewing room.  I hope you got to see Lori's article in Monday's paper.    

The Sewing Room is ready to hold workshops in now.  The executive director Jeff, is ready to take bookings. Ph: 506-472-7799.  I hope his phone rings off the hook.  

Although the room is ready, there are a few things that would make it just a little better.  I'll list the items that are needed just in case you can help.  Of course, used items are welcome.

2 Ironing Boards - thanks Connie
1 - Auto-off Iron
1 drip coffee machine - Thanks Brenda
1 small microwave - Thanks Brenda
1 electric tea kettle
1 blue recycle bin - Thanks Lori
1 first aid kit - Thanks Lori
2 medium size cutting mats

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Colleen Gander said...

Oh logistics, logistics...I have cutting mats that I couldn't give away here. Now they are packed and on the moving truck. If I had known, I could have kept them out to deliver as I drove by on our move to NS. What an excellent idea to turn unused school space into a community centre of the most useful kind.