Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Do you see the Onions?

If you're trying to access my flood link from the other day, it's down. They had to turn the power off in that building because the water is creaping up on it. So we should see cresting tomorrow. The water is high.

I'm done 4 out of 6 packs of blocks on my onion quilt. I've decided it will go to somebody very special. It turns out, this quilt is a very hard quilt, every darn seam is curved. When I took the workshop, I thought there was going to be an easy way to do curves. There is not. The workshop talks about how to change colors etc. But now that I have 4 sets of 6 blocks (24 blocks) done, I can see it taking shape. I don't think I'll do the 9 onions like I showed in a previous blog. I think I'll make 3 onions scattered around the quilt. Can you see the onions? Squint your eyes. I have an appointment to have this quilted on May 21st, so I hope to get the other 12 blocks done by early next week.. Then borders etc..

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