Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Here are my Almond Squares from yesterday's post. They're as delicious as Marijke's. I cut them into 24 from an 8x8 pan. Some to eat and some to freeze. I think this will be a keeper recipe. It was so simple.

I went to my Pfaffie friends house yesterday for the afternoon. Jane and I went through some embroidery problems and solved the grand hoop problem. Well, we didn't solve the problem, we just found out what the problem was and now we/she can deal with it. Since Jane is going away for a vacation in Calgary to visit her daughter, I borrowed the Grand Hoop and the table that goes with it. I also borrowed the endless embroidery hoop. I'll try that next week. I used the table today to finish the free motion embroidery on the French rose quilt. It was so nice to use. So the binding is on the French rose quilt and all I have to do is press the binding over and sew it down. In the old days, I would hand stitch down the binding, but now I just sew it down with my machine. I have a special presser foot that does a good job.

Tonight, Mert and I are going to an Elvis concert at the playhouse. There is a local Elvis singer who we saw New Years Eve and he was very good. So tonight's production, with a band and local dancers should be pretty good. Mert has been singing Elvis songs to me all day.

Tomorrow, on my to-do list, is to gather fabrics and supplies, to take a quilt workshop to make a new quilt called "Stack a New Deck". The workshop is on Saturday so be prepared to see a stunning new quilt top. I might send it out to be quilted.

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dp said...

The squares look yummy. I have almond flavoring, I have never used it. weird eh. As soon as I saw your previous post I thought maybe I could use the flavoring for once!