Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Into the swing of things

Well, I seem to be into the swing of things. It seems like it took about 2 full weeks, since that's how long it's been since we got home from Myrtle. With the French rose baby quilt now behind me, I now have 4 things on my plate that must be done before we get into the hard core of summer: 1) the baptism gown for Aurora for the end of May, 2) a birthday quilt for Emily July 11, 3)prepare my Quilter's Idol submission for May 20 and 4) this Saturday I'm taking a workshop that I need to buy and cut fabric for. This is a picture of the quilt I'll be making. It's called the Red Onion . I've seen other red onion quilts that don't have the spiral thing happening and it does't look like a red onion at all. I don't like onions, but if I'm going to make an onion quilt, I want it to remind me of onions.

Next weekend I'm in Bathurst attending a Gathering of the Guilds (Quilt Guilds that is). It's held ever 2 years. Marijke and I are making a presentation about our Fredericton guild. The rest of the weekend will be listening to other guilds present and hopefully we'll pick out some ideas that will be good to share with our guild in September.

It's so nice to have a to-do list that is managable.

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Unknown said...

The quilt looks very cool. What size is it, and what color are you going tomake it.....