Sunday, April 27, 2008

Quilting, Quilting, and More Quilting

Well, this blog entery should be called talking, laughing, eating and more of everything all over again.. Linda picked me up at 1:30 on Friday afternoon, and we were off to Bathurst. What a quick trip.. 3 hours, gone like that. Talking about quilting will do that. We arrive in Bathurst to be greated by the best group of quilters ever. The weekend was filled with great ideas presented by each guild along with a mini show and tell. We were all given notes, websites for patterns, recipes etc. I left my camera in Lois's car, so I'll post a few pictures tomorrow.

While I was away, Mert made a visit to the cottage to check out the water situation. The water is high, but not as high as a few years ago. Here is a picture from yesterday. The water was at a 5.0M level so thats a good reference for us. In 2004 the water was half way up the windows in the kids cottage.

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dp said...

wow, still looks awful. YOu have to know the cottage to know how UP HILL that little playhouse is from the lake...
I am so glad you had a great weekend... I can't wait for pictures.