Saturday, April 5, 2008

From Myrtle Beach to Freddy Beach

Well, we arrived home in Freddy Beach this week, to a mountain of snow. Everyone is talking about the snow. It's the first week of April and by now, there are warm days, and tulips are starting to show, but not here. Here is the picture I took as we drove in the yard. The Driveway is an icy mess.
It's good to have the long drive behind us and it's been a couple of days now. The kitty is back and is her usual noisy self. I thought she might take a lesson from Stef's cats and be a little quieter. She is also so clean and fluffy. I expect she did a lot of cleaning at Stephanie's place, since she couldn't go outside. She probably cleaned, even when she wasn't dirty.
We have baby A today which is a nice surprise. But she is totally off her schedule. Her mama will be here tonite, and she can take over.

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