Wednesday, April 30, 2008

High Waters

Well, it's really happening. As of noon today, they predict that the water will be as high as the flood of 73. They predicted that we'd have another one in 100 years. We'll it's only been 35 years. I was talking to my sister and we both remember when Dad took us to see the flood in 73. In Lincoln they had army trucks moving cattle somewhere. Dad had parked the car at the edge of the flood waters and we just watched. Funny the things you remember..

Just this afternoon, we just travelled across to the south side of the river and up to the mall. There is only one way to get onto the bridge now. The under the bridge approaches are now closed. You can only get on by approaching from Westmorland Street and up off Maple Street. We can't get to the Princess Margaret from the northside because the water is now covering the road and curbing in Barkers Point. The northside riverfront Green is completely under water. I just heard that they're shutting down the Legislature. While it's not underwater, the water will become a nuisance and traffic will be so interrupted, they don't need people downtown trying to park in places that are now flooded.

So I just got back from Fabricville, and I have the border and backing fabric to finish my onion quilt, so I'm all set for a couple of days. We'll go to the cottage and take update pictures at noon on Friday. That's when the water is supposed to peak.

PS: Happy Birthday Stephanie. Did anyone buy you rubber boots for your birthday?. If you get flooded out, you can always come here for a couple of days. Just ping and we'll send a canoe to pick you up.


S said...

No rubber boots, sadly... but Queen St isn't flooded yet (though City Hall parking lot is flooded completely). If you're out at the cottage, though, I'd appreciate a kayak!

dp said...

Stephanie is so excited to be in Fredericton during the flood that exceeded the flood of '73. For many years, she has listened to the chimes of "well, in '73.. this was so far under water, etc". So here it is , her graduation year, and her 24th birthday and she is getting to realize her dream. And now, for the rest of her life she has bragging rights... "I remember in 08, when I was 24... blah blah blah"!