Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Onion Quilt, River Watch, and Running

Well, I have 18 blocks of 36 done. I'm going to work on it every day this week to get all 36 blocks done before I go to Bathurst this weekend.

In Bathurst, Marijke and I will be representing our quilt guild, at this bi-annual gathering. Now there are 16 or 17 guilds in New Brunswick. Quilting sure has become popular, and it's not the quilting like your grandmother used to do. The purpose of this gathering is to exchange and share ideas so that guilds can take advantage of other guilds successes.

I finally went for a run yesterday. It felt so good to finally get out. It had been weighing on me for the past few weeks. I probably only ran 15 minutes out of the 30, but I didn't want to push it. I felt really good during the run and after I got home. But later in the afternoon, I made a mad dash for the phone in the bedroom, and I thought I was going to fall.. my hip gave out on me.. so I was instantly glad I didn't over do it. I'll go again on Thursday. Next week, I'll try for my Mon, Wed, and Sat...

This afternoon, we're going to take a drive up to the Mactaquac Dam to see the water flowing through the Dam. I'll post a picture tonite. The power commission really hates letting water through the shoot because it's just like throwing money through.

The St. John River water is quite high this morning... You can see the Saint John River in Downtown Fredericton at the link below. If you watch the peirs of the old bridge every day, you can the water rise. Today the water is at 6.3 meters and tomorrow it's supposed to be at 6.7 meters. So that's probably another foot. Let's hope that they don't get very much rain up north or else we may have to go rescue poor Stephanie and Sean from their downtown apartment. They live on the second floor, but they might need rubber boots to leave the apartment.


S said...

Actually I can't wait for the water to come up to visit. A few years ago, when it flooded Queen St, I didn't get a picture of the kayaks or the ducks paddling up and down the road, so I'm hoping for another chance.

dp said...

Shoot, I guess you have to look at the link in the daylight, huh?
Exciting stuff, this flood business . How is the cottage fairing? Any dangers of high waters like 2004?
I am so glad you got our for your run. It is a victory for sure. We did pilates 2 days in a row at school, with my little exercise group and it was fun. We will do it again on Thursday!