Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cottage Flood pictures

Today is the cresting of the water in Grand Lake. So we took our chances that the highway wouldn't close and went to the cottage. The good news is, that my rhubarb is peeking through. This is a good sign since my sister gave it to me last spring and it weathered the winter just fine.

Now for the water... it's lapping at the flower pots my sister made at the base of the cottage last year. That is up a long way, if you have ever been to our cottage. We have hostas planted in there and they're not up yet. The kids cottage roof, is visable, but I think the little cottage has moved because the roof line doesn't seem to be even.

When Dad and Terry are up later this month, they can help Mert straighten it up.

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Unknown said...

cute little rhubarb babies... soooo cute. The water is freaky high. Wow. Must have been really weird to see that!