Saturday, May 31, 2008


This week, my niece Stephanie, graduated from UNB with 2 degrees in Anthropology and Classics. She received double honors We are all so proud of her. Here is a picture of her with her degree.


Sue said...

Dear Gail
We have never met but I know your sister. Donna and I met when I registered my kids at Kingston School in 1993. We became good friends. I also got to meet your Dad when he needed bloodwork and I would stop by Donna's on my way to work to collect him. I currently live in Ottawa but happened to be in Nova Scotia the weekend your dad was admitted to hospital and knew he wasn't well. I was so sorry to read of his passing. He was a charming man. My thoughts are with you all.
Sue Matte

Unknown said...

Graduation was a wonderful day, and you are the best to have all the yummy food, and all the family over to help us celebrate with Stephanie. Lunch after grad was fun too, and the haircut was the best!!! what a wonderful start to Stephanie's new life as a grad.. Thanks again for everything, it was special because we were all together!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gail,
It was nice to see you again last week. It is too bad it was for such sad circumstances.

Stephanie looks so great - love the new hair. I am so proud of her!

Hope to see you soon,