Saturday, May 10, 2008

Quilt for an Hour fabric and Suduko Anyone

Do you do Suduko?

Well, I have done this Suduko tabletopper quilt using Suduko. 9 different food fabrics, no 2 fabrics in the same row or column, or 9patch. It was fun to make.

We had a great fabric shopping day yesterday. I have fabric for at least 2 or 3 quilts ahead, so I have no shortage of projects to do.

Also, I now have most of my fabric for the Quilt in an Hour project that starts on May 19th. I'll need to pull a few more brights, but for the most part, this is it. I might tea dye the whites so they're a little darker...

1 comment:

dp said...

You have accomplished the hardest part, picking out the colors... pretty nice. Oh, and i love the sudoko quilt. Very cool.