Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quilter's Idol Submission

Well, I finished my Quilter's Idol submission. Not many of my FQG quilter friends know about my blog, so I'm going to post this hoping not many will see this before next Tuesday.

Well, my submission will be based on my previous success with my recycled juicebag project. This submission will be a recycle project, but something with more "maturity" to it compared to the Koolaid packs I was recycling before.

I was flying solo in making this project. I spent hours thinking on how I was going to do it. How was I going to construct it with out a pattern? Would it work?

It's a 24 or 25" duffle bag made with Sunkist Prune bags. I've collected these for about a year, after my Aunt Mae was here for a visit. After the success of the Koolaid juicebag, she noticed some raisins that came in a resealable bag and commented that those raisin bags could be recycled into something. Well I thought, it would take me 10 years to save enough raisin bags to anything with. But every day when eating my daily Sunsweet Prunes and opening the resealable bag, I thought about Aunt Mae's comment. I thought... that would be just too funny and said, what's to lose, so I started saving the prune bags. So, Aunt Mae, you get the credit again.....
Well, I had no idea what I would do with the prune bags until a couple of months ago. Our quilt guild decided to do Quilters Idol as entertainment at our closing guild Pot luck. Ah, ha... I knew.... and immediately started thinking, what could I do with the prune bags. So after countless hours of figuring in my head, I knuckled down yesterday and today to finish the bag. It is made from 16 prune bags, 1 pair of recycled jeans and it is lined with a remnant of upholstery fabric that my niece, Stephanie would recognize from fabric we had thrown over an old cottage chair.

At the Idol presentation, I will cover my bag until I have given my speech which will accuse some quilters of referring to my Koolaid bag as a nice project but a bit "immature". Of course, nobody said that at all, but they won't know that. I will throw in some poo, or krappy references, and that in order to serve all ages, I have developed a new recycle project. I will let them know that I considered many types of bags to recycle like raisins, dates, and I might search the store for a few other examples. For effect,I have collected a few empty raisin and date resealable bags to show, for this purpose. Then I will show a single prune bag. And then lead into the unveiling.
So, tell me what you think, and if you have any poo stories, or something appropriate I can use in my speech, let me know.
I hope it comes out very funny..

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dp said...

well, it is actually a pretty cute duffle bag. You know, the kind of bag that is only good for those who DON'T have the "runs" but like to have "regular" exercise!!! If they don't go for regular exercise, then the pain "piles" up in certain parts of the body. Then they might have a shitty day