Friday, May 2, 2008

What would a fortune teller say?

Well, if I went to a fortune teller today, she would likely wave her hands over a crystal ball and look up to the sky with her eyes closed and say, I see water, I see travel by boat. Now I know what you're thinking.... flood, cottage, canoe, rescue Stephanie.... etc. But you would be wrong.

In the past 2 weeks, Mert and I have signed up for 2 huge trips. The first is our 25th Anniversary cruise through the Panama Canal. We start out mid-November in Florida and end up at the end of November in Acapulco where we'll spend a couple of days.. Our cruise itinerary is here.. Since we plan on being in Myrtle Beach next March 23rd when it's really our anniversary, we thought we would go a bit early. When we signed up, for our cruise registration, it asked our wedding date. I said Nov 23rd instead of Mar 23rd. You never know, we might get a free bottle of wine or something on our "Anniversary". On a boat, that's worth about $50.

The second trip we just signed up for is a trip in May 2009 to Madrid/ Barcelona Spain to catch a cruise to many places that you can see on our itinerary here... We had not even considered this, but a local travel agent (who we went to NY with last fall) is arranging this trip for about 20 couples from Fredericton, so we thought about it for a couple of weeks and said, why not. Being in May, it shouldn't interfere with cottage time. We did the Greek Islands a few years ago, but didn't do Rome, Venice, Spain etc. This itinerary takes us to Santorini for a port call, but that's about the only place we've been before. Going to a familiar Santorini for a day will be fun.