Monday, July 20, 2009

A Beautiful Wedding

We're back from a beautiful wedding of Scott and Michelle Matheson. They're now on their way to PEI to spend a few days of honeymoon. There is so much to say, but I know everyone wants to see a few pictures. First above is a picture of the Bride and her attendants. The next picture is of the entire bridal party. Aurora walked down the aisle many times at the rehearsal. But when it came time for the real wedding, all the people in the church was just a little overwhelming. After about 10 steps up, she got scared, and turned around. No problem. I walked her up the aisle, and she was ok with that.
We don't have too many pictures with Aurora in the official photos. But here is one that I took with my camera as the official photographers were setting up the shot.


Anonymous said...

YaY!! Wedding pics! Thanks for sharing these Gail. It truly was a beautiful wedding. Your grandchildren were all amazing - you should be very proud!

Debbie Walker

Linda H said...

All those little girls looked so sweet Gail!! I can't wait to see more pics! You did a great job on all those white dresses... What fun!

bargello said...

Thanks looked fabulous! The weather seemed to be better than here! Congratulations to the new Bride and Groom, will await more photos. Where btw are you?
I didn't get to the Friday girls get together tonight. KF

cpm said...

Great pictures! ALL the dresses are awesome WOW! Happy day! xo