Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't you love a Rainy Day!

Don't you love a rainy day!!!

That's what the triplets say to me when we do lots of little errands on a rainy day. Today, it's raining cats dogs and skunks too. As you might have read in Auntie Donna's blog, she had quite an ordeal to find a webkinz for Caitlin earlier this week. After much effort and searching every gift shop in the Annopolis Valley, she found a skunk. Caitlin was so pleased to read this news on Auntie Donna's blog yesterday. The skunk is coming to us by Acadien bus lines.

So, Caitlin came with us to run all our errands this morning. A trip to the bus station was one of the first things on our list that we did this morning. And here is a picture of Caitlin and her skunk who she named Kit-Kat. A much better name than Stinky!!

That Auntie Donna, she's a good egg to put all that time into making sure Caitlin was pleased with her wedding gift from Michelle for being a Flower Girl. Auntie Donna also sent up fun treats for the kids and some treats for me too. It sure was fun to get the package by bus.


Unknown said...

Kit Kat is a perfect name for a cute little skunk that doesn't stink!
glad it arrived safe and sound...
I hope Aurora loves her little kitty!

cpm said...