Monday, July 20, 2009

Kind Friends

My sister has some amazing friends who helped prepare for the wedding in many many ways.

Last year upon the announcement of the wedding, my sister's good friend offered her home to our large family for Michelle and Scott's wedding. We can't thank her enough for her kindness. Because of this, we got to fulfill the brides wish to have a large junior wedding party of which, we contributed 6 kids. We so enjoyed being altogether at her impressive home to get ready for the wedding.

Within one minute of arriving in Greenwood, our kids found Chantal's play set out back. They were so impressed, and it was just the beginning to an exciting weekend. I heard the kids say WOW 50 times if I heard it once! It's now even a new word for Baby Aurora. Wow... Yes, even she got in on the play set action. Do you see her inside the little house just above the slide?

It's almost 4pm on the wedding day...Here are the kids on Chantal's doorstep, ready to go to the church so Mitchell could get his lime green tuxedo vest and tie. Also, Auntie-Donna is going to pin on the girls sash flowers. We're so excited. We can't believe it. The time is almost here.For your trust and kindness, we can't thank you and your family enough for the use of your home.

Many thanks Chantal.

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cpm said...

Oh wow! A blog for me! I'm honoured! I cried when I read the letter you left me when we got home. It was truly my pleasure to have you in our house. I would do anything for Donna...she has been so good for me. You are welcome anytime!
Thank YOU so much for the gifts. TOTALLY unecessary but very appreciated. Merci!
I loved seeing the pictures of your grandchildren enjoying their weekend. What a great group! The only pics missing are of you and your hubby!