Friday, July 3, 2009

New Sneekers

I am doing really well with the revival of my running program. I have completed my physio therapy on my knee and it's feeling almost normal again. You can't imagine how good that feels. Right now, my 45 minute workout has me running 5 minutes and walking for 2 and there is a bit of time for a warm up and cool down. I'm running a total of 30 minutes out of the 45. It won't be long and I'll be up to my 35 minutes of running with only 1 minute walking breaks every 10 minutes. I'm really keen and quite pleased about getting my running shoes back on.

I was in the running shoe store today, and they had buy one pair, get one free this week. What a deal. So now I have a pair of Sauconys and a new pair of Nikes. The Nikes have a hole under the insole so that I can put my Ipod - Nike tracker. This little thing wireless connects to my Ipod Nano and it records the distance and speed that my shoes are moving. And as long as I'm in the shoes, it gives me a pretty accurate of my workout. Now I'm building some new 45 minute playlists to listen to. I'm not good with picking peppy music, so building these playlists is harder than it sounds.

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pwl said...

Aren't Saucony's wonderful? I bought mine a couple of years ago, and they're still going strong. Mind you, I'm not a runner, which is probably why.