Friday, July 24, 2009

You gotta love Dr. Oz

I'm a faithful watcher of Oprah's Dr. Oz. This week, I watched a rerun of Dr. Oz's beauty secrets. I learn something absolutely every time I watch one of his shows. Even when I watch the repeat shows, I learn something.

On this weeks show, they talked about skin care, especially the face. They talked about the importance of exfoliation. So, off to the drug store I went, looking up and down the beauty products aisle just for exfoliation products. I can't tell you how many times, I've gone to the drug store and picked up something only to try it once and never use it again. Not so for this Oil of Olay Exfoliator. I love, love love it. I have used it in the shower 3 times this week, and I can say, that I'll probably continue to use it faithfully. This is a gentle cream that has the smallest amount of micro beads in it. I only use a dab about the size of a dime. It rinses off quickly and makes your skin feel soft, not dry.

Way to go Dr. Oz. Now if I could only find a really light face moisturizer that has sun block in it.


Lee said...

I like Marcel's face moisturizer with SPF 15. Good price, feels nice and light and protects to boot.

pwl said...

Thank you! I'm always looking for a good face wash - and I'm usually choosing between Noxzema or Nivea.