Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Emily!!

Remember Emily, she's the one who we made the french rose quilt for last year. It's hard to believe that Emily, our beautiful and smart granddaughter's turning 8 years old. Look at that beautiful baby picture. She was a beautiful baby and before our eyes, she's turned into a young lady. When Emily was a little toddler, she loved cats. Now she loves all animals and she loves to read. In fact, she reads at the top of her class and the teachers are so impressed with what a nice student she is. We're so proud of her.

Have a great Birthday Day Emily and we'll think of you on Saturday when you have your friends over for a fun party.

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dp said...

Emily, I remember when you were born. Your big sister spent 4 days with your grammie and grampie, in Nova Scotia, so your mom and dad could spend lots of time with you. I also remember being at your first birthday party... you sooo loved kitty cats then, even at 1 year old. Happy Birthday, Miss Emily.. and I can't wait to see you next week.