Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I won at Don't look Now!!!

That's the name of an Australian quilters blog that I follow. Besides being a busy mother, she's a pattern designer and teacher. I love her girly and cute patterns that she developed for quilting magazines. She's has some awesome give-aways at her blog and I've been eying her patterns for some time now.

I had planned to buy this Rainbow Lollipops pattern soon on her website once things settled down from the wedding. And guess what.. it turns out that I won a pattern on her blog post from July 22. So now I'll have 2 patterns. She's in Fiji right now on a winter vacation, so I'll let you know when I get my package and show you.

Yippee. I love it when I win things. She has a free pattern on her website too, for a pillow. It's sweet. Go check out her blog here... Go look at her archives because there are some amazing pictures of some of her patterns in development. I love them all.

Also, did you know it's Winter in Australia? I keep forgetting that. It's a 30 degree hot day here in Eastern Canada. We've been waiting a while for it, so I'm glad the dry weather is here.


cpm said...

WOW! That quilt is spectacular! Do you ever think of taking personal orders from dear friends? lol!
P.S. I had lunch with Donna today and she pointed out all of your grandchildren! They are so cute! What a great family you have!

Anonymous said...

That would explain the comments on a blog I follow about the cold and it being winter in Australia. Did you know some Aussies have outdoor toilets, complete with running water??? Here's the link:

By the way, I LOVE the quilt in this picture. Forget the little girls, I want it! lol!

dp said...

what a cute quilt pattern.. how fun. I need to enter some contests.. maybe I will win!!!!

cpm said...

I'll fight you for it Jill! :-)