Monday, August 3, 2009

Bean Jeans

I was reading my friend Linda's blog about her trip to Maine last week. Her remarks about her trip to L.L. Bean reminded me that I bought a pair of white jeans there last year.

It was on a drive through Maine, we had stopped in just to browse around and have a break from driving. As I was browsing the discount rack and saw these white jeans were my size but they had a red price tag - $1.80. I snatched them up quickly so nobody else would get them. I tried them on... They fit!! I casually walked over to the cashier and said "I think these might be mispriced but can I have them for that price anyway?" The girl said "Oh, no" In that instant, my heart sank...and I thought to myself...So what is she going to charge me?. But her sentence continued. "Those are not mispriced, that's the right price. It's a super super discount price because they've been here for a long time". Yippee for me, so I bought them and I felt great that I had a pair of Bean Jeans for a buck eighty. That made my day.

So, after our short visit at Beans, we continued on our way and when we got home, I had put them in a drawer and planned to hem them when the weather gets cooler. That was over a year ago. Linda's blog reminded me of them, so I got them out and hemmed them today, so I'm all ready to wear them on cool summer fall mornings.

If you're wondering what those little tail things are in the hem of my jeans, look at my hemming jeans tutorial.

Is there still a rule that says no white after Sept first?


pwl said...

There might be a rule, but some rules were meant to be broken!

cpm said...

you know Donna and I's boss...well she is a fashion guru and she says there are NO RULES to wear your Bean Jeans proudly before, on and after Labour Day!

Linda H said...

Gail- So glad I "jogged" your memory!! Enjoy your "new" jeans!!!

Mary Johnson said...

They'll probably last you forever too -- I have a pair I bought about 13 years ago that I still wear when I'm at the right weight for them.

Thanks for the link to the hemming tutorial. At 5'3" finding the right length jeans can be a challenge and I've passed on ones that fit well because I didn't want to hem them.