Thursday, August 20, 2009

A visit with Grammie and Grampie - Part III

I expected that Grace would come on Friday, but I decided that today would be the day.

Grace and I had a hard time to decide what special things to do, so we got Grampie to drive us to Michaels. We walked up and down the craft project aisles and looked at everything. Michaels is a great place to browse for projects. Grace picked out two really nice craft projects to work on. We also dropped into the Dollar store to get some craft paint and paint brushes. While there, Grace found the buy of a lifetime. A tamagachi like pet... for a dollar. Grace was thrilled with it because she never had a tamagachi before. You can see it in the last picture below.

After we got home from our crafts shopping trip, the first project Grace started is a really cute little dog house that came with a small white dog. Grace painted it pink and I printed the puppy's name over the door of the doghouse. "Diamond".

Next, we made a sweet pom pom cat project. The kit had everything in it to make a sweet cat. I think we forgot to name him... Grace was over the moon with this project, especially when we put the eyes, whiskers and toungue on the cat. We had to use a hot glue gun to stick them together, so I did that while Grace sorted out all 25 big and little pom poms.

The next project was a Wilton project. First you carefully paint melted colored chocolate in the candy mold. Then you put an Oreo cookie in the mold. After that, put melted white chocolate over it so it's all covered. You'll need to put it in the fridge until they firm up. Grace did a taste test and they were really yummy. Do you see what they look like inside? You can see the chocolate Oreo stripe really well with the white chocolate. These were really fun to make and Grace took them home to share with her brother and sister. And maybe Daddy too.

Because Grace drew the short straw, she came to visit third. It was predetermined that because the third kid had to wait so long, they would get a special gift. So the something extra for Grace, was a delicate little Enchanted Fairy figurine that is named Grace. Grace is going to keep it on her special shelf where she keeps her nice things.

And at the end of the day, guess what Grace had for supper. Yep, she wanted a Belgian waffle. Just like her sister the day before, and just like her brother the day before. They all love waffles.

Thanks for spending the day with us Grace. Grammie and Grampie loved having you over for a visit.


Linda H said...

What lucky kids to have such a great Grammie and Grampie!! I love the pompom kitty- I might have to make one of those too. And the chocolate covered Oreos look yummy..mmmmmmm

dp said...

what a great day.. they just keep getting better an better!!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta try me some of those oreos! So great that you and Mert are building such wonderful memories for the grandkids. They are very lucky!


Linda G said...

I really enjoyed all three parts of the visit. Almost like we have our own grandchildren.