Monday, August 17, 2009

Cottage days

It's almost like our summer arrived big time, but it's a month late. We just got back from 4 beautiful days at the cottage.

Late last week, I really enjoyed a visit from my sister. We talked about healthy eating, counted weight watcher meal points, did yoga, went for early power walks.

Here's a picture of her and I at a local farmers market called the Big Potato. This giant potato is always interesting to visitors because we always see people lined up to take a picture in front of it. It's so cheezy, so when we stopped and the picture taking area was completely clear, we took our picture in front of the big potato. Isn't it fun?

At the Big Potato veggie stand, we bought nice veggies to put on our bbq'd pita pizzas. They were a really nice light lunch and low in weight watcher points. This is definitely a nice change from my regular lunches and I'll probably have it every weekend. What a treat!!

While here, my sister helped Stephanie, her oldest daughter, pack for her up coming move to Korea. Stephanie has a teaching contract for 1 year and she's very excited to do some traveling and to explore this very different culture. There's a lot to think about when moving to another country and I'm sure Stef really appreciated her mother's organizational talents. Early Saturday, my sister and her hubby picked up Stephanie, her cats, and her belongings and home they went to Greenwood. They'll be saying good-bye to family on Monday evening, and them Stef leaves from Halifax airport bright and early Tuesday morning. Good Luck Stephanie. What a great adventure.

So we spent a quiet day at the lake on Saturday. Aurora and her mama came to the cottage on Sunday and stayed until after supper today. The baby loves all the different things at the cottage. She's so comfortable in the water and enjoys many little trips across the short beach to the cooling water.

She's good to take her naps, but she plays a little game and will try to pretend she's sleeping on grampie to avoid the trip up to the playpen. Here she is pretending to sleep. Grampie is pretending too.

We got way too much sun in the past 4 days and it's good to be home though.

This week, I've got a bit of sewing lined up and some special grammie and grampie days with each of the triplets individually.


Linda H said...

Mmmmm, those bbq'd veggie pita pizzas look good- what's on them? Just veggies or do you put a sauce on them too? Recipe please???

dp said...

Aurora's hair is getting so long... wow, I wish I gotten to see her. The veggie pizzas were really good, and we had all kinds of veggies on them, including snow pea pods. the next one I make will have pineapple on it too. The cheese was lite cheese, and no meat (except on Merts, and he only got a little bit). This was a very healthy weekend... a far cry and far better than some of our weekends when we were way younger and less concerned about our health. I enjoyed all our fun little food experiments including hummus and veggies and frozen cappacino yogurt.. yum!