Sunday, August 23, 2009

A visit with Grammie and Grampie - Part IV

What a nice surprise. Jess and Em who live in Moncton came to spend Friday and Saturday with us. We had fun with them by going on a mini-picnic on the Green. Normally when we go to the green at Carleton Park, this covered picnic table is always busy, but today, it was available. Lucky for us. We munched on a lunch from Subway.

We then went to the store to buy a few groceries, then packed up and went to the cottage. Excitement is building as news of Hurricane Bill is announced. We'll need to secure the deck furniture, so why not enjoy the day at the lake.

The kids went fishing with Grampie for a bit. A big fish was swimming around Emily's bait, but he was a smart fish and swam away without taking a bite. See their Mom and Dad's boat in the background. It's now safe and sound out of the water, just in case hurricane Bill makes the water more choppy than normal.

Do you get the idea that Jessica is coming to the realization that her Grandmother is the Paparazzi. Ha ha. She's such a cutie.

Emily is more than happy to pose for me still. She could be a model.

We did a lot of painting this weekend. While I painted primer in our bathroom, the kids painted these little wooden boxes and then put their names on the box. They came out sweet. Then they painted rocks for my garden.

And one final picture for Grammie. Come on... pose please.... please please...

Yipppeeee. This is a great fun picture of the girls.

Hurricane Bill came and went, and we hardly felt any effects at all. Oh, well, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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Unknown said...

Those two girls are so beautiful. I remember when Jess was just a little baby and a beautiful toddler. She has grown into an elegant young lady. i will always remember when Emily came to spend a few days in the Valley and she got to feed the Bear at Oaklawn Farm. That was a fun few days!