Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Bumps

We had a nice day sewing the bump yesterday. I only got really confused once and had to rip out 3 full seams. :S But in the end, I'm pleased with my bump. I will finish this week with simple borders. I am really quite taken with these type of optical illusion quilts that you can make with cutting simple strips. Mine is shown here in light and dark greens with the very center shown in the darker fabric.

Here is my friend Kathy's bump. Her bump is made out of beautiful black and white batiks. Notice that the very center of her bump is made out of the light fabric. Do you think the light or dark center adds to the effect of the illusion?

Squint your eyes a bit to get the better optical illusion effect. Kathy added side triangles so that her bump finishes on point for a very floaty effect. Wow, it's a beautiful piece, don't you think?

This was a fun and quick project and many thanks to our other friend Linda G for figuring it out, doing a prototype, writing instructions for us and leading us in this little workshop.


Sarah said...

Those are COOL! I love the effect of it coming at me!

Linda H said...

Very nice Gail and Kathy! I would love to do this if you are thinking of another workshop - simple or more complex. Cool!!

MissesStitches said...

I love your quilts! Optical illusions are so fun to play with. Did not know that you and Linda are friends. I follow both of your blogs! Can't decide which quilt "pops" more. Does more contrast (black/white) help the illusion or hurt it? Great work!