Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A visit with Grammie and Grampie - Part II

Caitlin came for a visit today. We had so much fun. After we had lunch, we walked to the Devon outdoor pool and spent an hour in the pool. We didn't take a camera but you can just imagine how cool the water was.

Before we went for our swim, Caitlin made 6 huge cupcakes all by herself. She added all the ingredients and mixed them with the mixer. We baked them in the cupcake papers and when they were done, we took the out to cool while we went for our swim.

When we got back from our swim, Caitlin went through my cupcake book and picked out a fabulous design. She made it a different color and put some of her own design in it. See her video below to show how good she is at doing stars with the special Wilton star tip.

See her finished 6 pack of cupcakes.

Then after all 6 of the cupcakes were decorated and safely in the fridge away from grampie, we went up in to the sewing room to work on a surprise gift for mom. It's a beautiful piece of jewelry that is made up of very special colors. Each of the three little tags is purple - amethyst - for February which is the triplets birth month. Then each amethyst is adorned with a smaller bead that is each of the kids favorite color. Isn't this nice!

She is taking the cupcakes home to share with her brother and sister.

Next, Grace will come for the day probably on Friday. I'm thinking up a list of things to do, and I have a special gift for Grace, cause she is the last one to come. The kids drew straws to decide who would come first, second and third. Before the draw, I promised that who ever came third, would get a special gift. So on Friday, I'll show you the special gift.

Hey Michelle Matheson, check out our little cupcake decorator below.

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dp said...

Amazing technique on that girl. Imagine, an icing queen at 7 years old. When Michelle opens her cupcake shop she will be looking for Caitlin to hire for all the cupcake decorating!!