Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A visit with Grammie and Grampie - Part I

Mitchell came for a visit today. It was the hottest day of the year, but that didn't stop Mitchell's will to get in as much as he could today.

First he went to a golf lesson with Grampie. It was so hot, after the lesson, and his complimentary hot dog and drink, they headed home because of the heat. It was already at about 28 degrees by 10:30 in the morning. When they came home from their lesson, Mitchell and I launched into our game plan. We would cook something, we would sew something, and then we would make something else.

Mitchell and I decided we would do this paperweight collage for a craft project. So off we went to the Dollar store to buy some rocks or shells. We came home with a bag of funky glass. Grampie dug through the recycle to find a 2 litre bottle to use as a form. This is the link we used for this neat little craft is here. It turned out really nice and might be the perfect paperweight for mommy to use in her new job.

Next he wanted to make Memere's Raisin cookies, but I don't have her recipe, so he was pleased with these blue/green sugar cookies. I made up the dough, and he rolled them in sugar and placed them on the cookie sheet. 11 minutes later, they were done. He and grampie taste tested about 5 of them, and they passed the test with flying colors.

After all of that, we had to clean up lots of dishes, so he did them by himself while I started to make our supper. He never did dishes before, so he did a great job. He dried them too and put all the silverware in the drawer. Great Job Mitchell.

For our special sewing project, Mitchell picked a puppy. He found a pattern in my box for a puppy. And I happen to have some black fun fur. Perfect. A 1 hour sewing job mostly done by me, but he helped me pick up black fake fur from all over the house after it was done. The puppy is so cute and he has floppy ears.

All this, and it's still hot hot hot out.

Caitlin is the next to come for a visit. That may be tomorrow... stay tuned for Part II.


dp said...

oh, I had a Grammie day last week, but it was really a sister day.... we went to the fabric store and we made a bag and we cooked fun stuff and we walked and did yoga... you are a great Grammie and a great sister...
Mitchell is ADORABLE!!!!

Desiree said...

Your creative way to make the paperweight with glass is cool. What a special grandma you are. Your grandchildren will cherish the memories. Thanks for the link.