Saturday, July 3, 2010

Heading to Anne's Land

We're heading to Anne's Land. That would be the Cavendish area of PEI. This is going to be a fun get-away. First, our B&B is located near the cottages where the Triplets and their parents are staying this week. Very handy to the beach.

And I'm going to be meeting up with Judy from CJ Stitching & Blooms. She's from Michigan and she's a crazy quilter who's blog I follow. She does amazing work. Last Christmas her hubby surprised her with a trip to PEI, which was a long time dream of hers.

It just so happened that the stars lined up and we're going to be in the same area as they are, so we've coordinated to meet up. We're exchanging postcards, so here is the postcard that I will give to her. Since she's a crazy quilter, I've included some silk ribbon embroidery and crazy quilting stitches. I hope she likes it. I'll show you both postcards when I return.

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