Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mitchell's Quilt

What a great weekend at the cottage. The mugginess has lifted, and we had wonderful weather and some un-eventful walks (ie no bear or bobcat sightings). We laid out in the sun and had nice healthy meals all weekend. It was just so relaxing. Our three daughters arrived at the cottage to spend a couple of days which are supposed to be sunny sunny sunny. The kids will have a fun time together doing water stuff and just playing around the kids cottage.

But I thought I'd show you, on Saturday, when I had enough sun, I spent a little time at the sewing machine. I dug out Mitchell's Quilt kit that I had done up as a project for the cottage. I blogged about it here. I sewed in 15 or 20 minute chunks and have the geese part of Mitchell's quilt done. I don't normally start piecing a quilt on the border section, but I thought I'd so it since it was on top in the box. So, this is what 144 flying geese blocks look like.

Next time I have a chance to work on this, I'll be working on the center blocks. Now, that will take a few weekends.

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Anonymous said...

Since Kathy is away I will say "aren't you the one". We have been gardening but I have not been sewing. Have been waiting for rainy days. Not complaining though! Linda G