Saturday, July 10, 2010

A visit to The Quilt Gallery, O'Leary PEI

I know lots of people are heading to PEI this week because of some big concerts and of course Regis and Kelly are doing their show from the island next week. No doubt some of the visitors will be quilters.

I visited this Quilt Gallery quilt shop in O'Leary. It's got to be one of the biggest quilt shops in the Maritimes that I've been to. The quilter who worked there, Michelle, was very friendly and knew lots of the same people as I did, so it was fun to chat with her as I was browsing.

Besides all the fabrics that were there, I loved that there were lots of quilts on display.

They have a very large selection of patterns and books that I didn't have time to look at. I did pick up a cute little garden quilt pattern. I'll show you that another day.

These are a couple of my favorite quilts that they had on display. I'm sure I have the pattern for this one that I call "Winter Stars" and wouldn't it be great to use up lots of scraps.

I thought this one was so unique, where the blocks are all different sizes and each one is framed. I love that background color. I would have never thought to use that color myself.

I continued to browse section by section, and I near died when my husband said, it's noon, we really should go find a restaurant. We had been there since 10am. Two hours flew by that fast. So I did have a final quick look around and paid for my items and said a hearty good bye by saying "I'll be back" to the staff.

This place should be on your list of places to visit if you are heading to the island this summer.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour of the shop. Another place that I would like to visit. Have to plan a golf game to allow lots of time away from hubby. Linda G

Karen said...

I just love The Quilt Gallery, it's fabric heaven! I am hoping to get over this summer for a visit also. Have you seen their video on You Tube?

Linda H said...

I have never been to The Quilt Gallery, but have put it on my list. We haven't been to the Island for a few years- I think it's time for a visit!

Lee said...

I loved this shop too! The last time I was there, I dithered over buying a piece of fossil fern fabric. I convinced myself that I had bought enough and left without it. When I got home, I suffered "un-buyer's remorse", if there is such a thing. So I called them with my tale of woe, hopeful they could help. They said I wasn't the first person with my problem and mailed me my fabric! I felt soooo much better.

Michelle said...

Thanks for your kind words about our shop. We are always pleased to help our fellow quilters!! Please check out our You Tube video under "the quilt gallery". It's a great visual tour of our shop! We look forward to seeing you again and happy quilting everyone!