Thursday, July 8, 2010

PEI Postcard Exchange

As promised here are pictures of the postcards that Judy from CJ Stitching & Blooms and I exchanged. It was really fun meeting her and her hubby Bill. They were on day three of their tour of PEI when we caught up with them.

I have to tell you PEI was at it's prime this week. The potatoes are all flowering, lupins everywhere, the weather was warm, and the fish and chips are Divine!!

The postcard I made for Judy was lupin inspired. I planned out my card and laid out my sketches. I cut a piece of my hand dyed Ricky Tims fabric to work on.

I was trying to decide, do I machine stitch, or hand stitch. I decided on hand stitching and chose some purple, pink and green flosses. I really like the french knots and I loved using my variegated threads. It gave just the right shading.

I finished up the postcard by satin stitching around the outside and used Micron markers to put my name and lupin doodle on the back. I was really pleased with it. Judy really liked it too.

And here is the postcard Judy gave me. I love it. We were of the same mind. Lots of lupins and flowers, and I love the coastline with the waves in the water and the sweet lighthouse.

She had a lovely inscription on the back.

Judy also came with a box full of Aussie quilt magazines that are to share with my quilting and other guild friends. That was so nice of her since there's not a lot of those magazines around here and when you do see them, they are expensive to purchase. I'll post about them on the FQG blog.

Many thanks Judy. It was great to meet you. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip around the Maritimes.


dp said...

I love your little postcard. Its sooo sweet. How fun to meet a blogger. I would love to meet a few of my blogger friends... but I would have to travel to USA to meet my Ann.... But I am going to Ottawa. It would be fun to meet the knitnut.

Joanne said...

Great postcards!