Friday, July 30, 2010

I Spy Quilt Ideas - Part 3 of 3

I've scoured Bing, Google and Yahoo looking for ideas for this last of 3 blog posts for different I spy quilt layout suggestions. I'm pretty sure I've touched on as many ideas as possible for you.

With so many ideas, I wonder how you will ever choose!!!

Here we go...

I love the clean look of this I spy. Each block is an individual design and not an all over design. My favorite in this picture is the lighthouse on the blue background. Speaking of hexagons, here is a Marti Michell video on quilters TV that you might enjoy watching. Click here.
Are you a paper piecer? The pattern for this I Spy Lightning quilt can be found by clicking here.

Many of you have the Nickel Quilts book. I love how the stars in this Morning Star by Pat Spelth is perfect to showcase your I spy Charm squares.

I spy cubes/pyramids. The "Y" seams in this quit make me shutter! But I do like the idea and the work in this quilt.

The black sash and yellow cornerstones give this I spy a classic look. Border with girl or boy fabric and it's a quick finish.

How about a mini-I spy with in an I spy quilt.

This design has all the darker squares on the outer rows, then mediums, then the lights. Very nice. By the way, it was a picture on a calendar.
Here's another idea for listing many of the objects to search for. Print with a fabric marker, or stitch with your sewing machine.
And if piecing curves is your thing. This is a stunning look.

Here is a cute little envelope quilt using I spy fabrics for the envelope flaps. I'm dying to know what's inside each envelope!
If you ant to add larger squares to your charms, this might be one layout you will choose.

If you know the intended child this quilt will be made for, why not personalize it with their name. I have found this alphabet that you can print out to use to applique the name. Click here.

Oh my stars... Look at the piecing in this beautiful star quilt.

This on-point layout ranks in my top 5 favorite I spy layouts. It's a snowball block that uses dark corners and is set on point. Nice! Do you need help in making snowball blocks, check out this at

And to end off my ultimate I spy Ideas blog posts, I hope you can appreciate the work in this large bed size I spy quilt. If I count correctly, I count over 270 charms in this quilt. It is sashed and cornerstoned. What a wonderful quilt. Click on the quilt for a larger view.
Good luck with your I spy quilt and let me know which of these is your favorite.

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To see a couple of tips on cutting out hexagons for your I spy quilt - click here.


dp said...

wow.. is all I can say!

cpm said...

They are all amazing!!! I like the one with the little envelopes! Sooo cute!

Helen in the UK said...

Saw your message with links on the Stashbuster list. WOW - what a brilliant gathering of I Spy ideas! Thanks so much for sharing. I've made a few of these patterns, but there is PLENTY of new to me ones to try :)