Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nines and Vines - The nines are done

While testing out (playing with) the Brother NX2000 machine, I'm getting lots of work done. I've been picking away at making the nine patches for the nines and vines.  I started just over a week ago, so I'm pleased with my progress.    These 9-patches still have to be put into larger nine patch blocks, but before doing that, for a change of scenery, I'm starting to work on the applique and the borders.

I'm really into making this quilt, and while I'm sewing away, I keep thinking that I should try some of the neat features on this Brother.   For example, I've been thinking about trying to make some new stitches, but I can't think of any, can you?

I really like the vines with the stars and leaves applique on this Nines and Vines quilt.  So it was refreshing to get out the light interfacing and use scraps of fabric for the leaves and stars.   There's not that many stars, about 30, so I'm using small variety of fabrics. 

I loved that I saved my the paper shapes from making this quilt two years ago.  It saved me some time. 

Do you applique this way?  

I use very light interfacing, and put my fabric right side down on the interfacing.  I arrange my cut out paper pieces, and then simply pin them on the wrong side of the fabric (the interfacing is under) leaving a bit of room to trim around each shape. 

Using the open toe foot, I stitch around the shape.

After stitching all around the shape, I pull the papers away (I save and reuse).  These shapes are ready to be trimmed between 1/8th and 1/4 inch away from the stitching.  

After trimming,  make a little slit in the middle of the interfacing on the backside and turn them right side out using a straw and BBQ skewer.   

When I get that far (probably tomorrow), I'll take a picture of the using the straw method to turn these. It's a neat trick.


Joanne said...

All the blocks look so pretty piled up.
I haven't tried that applique method - looks very interesting - I'll have to try it.

Kathie said...

Can't wait to see this quilt your making !!!
Was it on the cover of McCall's magazine a few years ago????

Karen said...

Wow - look at you go!

Debbie said...

I'm considering purchasing the Brother NX2000, which is a total surprise to me. I didn't even consider a Brother machine in my initial list of machines to explore. I was doing my due diligence but figured I'd end up with the Bernina Aurora 440 QE. But, I have to say, after the salesperson (who also sells Bernina) "forced" me to check out this Brother machine, I was impressed. Not completely convinced (mostly because I'm a skeptic and generally think of Brother as the $69.99 machine at Wal-Mart) but this sewing machine seems well-suited to the sewing I do (mostly heirloom garments, home decor and quilting). I am very interested to hear your comments and evaluation of this machine. Thanks for doing a test run for us!