Sunday, November 7, 2010

This Brother's feet

The other day I posted about getting my Special Delivery of a new high end Brother sewing machine.  I should have given a better explanation as to why I have this machine for only two weeks.   Through my blog, I was contacted by a representative of Brother Canada to if I'd like to try out their new Brother NX-2000 model.   I love opportunities like this so I was quick to reply back confirming my participation in the evaluation.  No strings attached.

I knew it would be a few weeks before getting it, so in the meantime I decided to cut a Nines and Vines quilt kit to have ready.  I decided early on that much of my evaluation would be while sewing this kit.   

I'm working away and have a few hours in on the nines and vines.  But, since there's a ton of straight stitching in the Nines and Vines, I've decided to do a few other small projects too so that I can try out some of the other neat features.  IE:  design your own stitch... etc.

Here in this photo you can see only a few of the many many presser feet that come with this machine.   I love that it comes with three free motion feet.  I tried the open toe foot and I love it.  I will try the others later this week.   There's even a couple of odd items that I will definitely have to read the book for.   One of the presser feet, I call it a sharkhead is a complete mystery to me although I can think of a couple of good uses for it.  And the weird skrew driver tool that has a hole in it.    Any guesses as to what that could be used for? 
I'll dig out the manual and let you know tomorrow.


MissesStitches said...

You're so lucky to have this opportunity! I'm so glad you're getting to preview this machine.

Joanne said...

WOW! How exciting - lucky you!
The feet and tool look interesting - look forward to hearing more. Enjoy!!

Cindy said...

I hope you're having a fun week with the machine! :) I'm looking forward to seeing the quilt you're making with it.

Sandra said...

The wierd little tool is for making the hole in the eyelet that the machine makes. The sharks head foot is a guide foot... I have a babylock with the same feet... I love it!