Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday afternoon guests

There's no school at elementary school on Wednesday afternoons.   So, guess who I had for company this afternoon.  Yep, we picked up the triplets from school just before noon and they came for lunch  and they visited for the afternoon.  We had a full afternoon planned.   After turkey soup and home made rolls for lunch, popcorn and a movie was the perfect way to wind down after a busy morning.  After the movie, each of the kids did a craft/activity of their choice.

First, Mitchell chose to make chocolate cookies, all by himself.  He read the directions on the box and do you know what the best part was besides eating the cookies?    (see the answer below)

 The recipe said it would make 16 cookies.  Well, there was dough for about 20 cookies, so, yep, lots of left over dough to eat, and then of course licking the scoop and the bowl clean.   

Grace chose to make jewelery.  She's a real fashionista.  Here you can see she's stringing beads to make a bracelet for herself.  She chose green and clear crystals with spacers in between. It's beautiful.

Caitlin is a mini-me quilter.  She sews almost every time she comes over now.  She doesn't need any help any more using the iron or using fabric scissors or using the sewing machine.  She just disappears and if I don't see her right around, she's likely to be busy in my sewing room.  Today, she had fun trying out different stitches.    I asked if she wanted to try some fancy stitches on the new Brother machine that is sitting in my dining room, but she was more comfortable using my old faithful Pfaff.

We had a fun afternoon. 


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'll be your grand-daughter, can I try the Brother??? Can I, can I , please, can I???

Quilt n Queen said...

Love those visits....cherish the memories you are making. Have a wonderful day!!!