Friday, November 19, 2010

Nines and VInes - Ready to test the Applique

I'm loving the border work on the Nines and Vines.  I have the stars and leaves prepared and I'm laying the vines on the border now.  The borders should be completed pretty quick  ... by the end of the weekend I hope.   To applique the stars and leaves, I plan on using Sulky poly invisible thread and use the no-show applique stitch on the Brother NX2000.   I've done a few extra stars so that I can do some testing.  I'll show you my test pieces tomorrow.
Meanwhile I had been meaning to make a little gift for our local travel agent.   She's great at searching out great options for our travel, and looking for deals.  We use her services quite a bit even from afar.   She ordered some special travel brochures for us and because I was planning to pick them up today after the Friday girls coffee break, early this morning I made this crystal bracelet for her.   She really liked it and was surprised when I gave it to her. 

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